"The First Winter" on PodCastle
My flash fiction fable "The First Winter" in episode 390: "Flash Fiction Extravaganza! Bears" on the fantasy fiction podcast PodCastle. Read by Jennifer Albert.

"The Spirit of Pinetop Inn" at PodCastle
My humor/ghost story "The Spirit of Pinetop Inn" in episode 386: "Flash Fiction Extravaganza! Ghostly Interludes" on the fantasy fiction podcast PodCastle. Read by Folly Blaine.

"Horseman" on Tales to Terrify
My dark fantasy short story "Horseman" on the horror fiction podcast Tales to Terrify. Read by Steven Howell.

Several of my short stories were also featured in the Anthro Dreams podcast produced by Anthropomorphic Dreams Publishing from 2008 to 2015. These stories are listed below, with the most recent first.

The Gingerbread Reindeer
When Santa finds himself one reindeer short for the Christmas run, the frost-elf Boreas enchants a replacement. But there's more than elf-magic being worked, and when an ancient foe threatens them all, the gingerbread reindeer finds he's made of more than just flour and sugar.

Sweet Nothings
It's a typical shift at the ice cream shop, until Ryan meets someone who could use a touch of something sweet to brighten a bad day. A brief slice-of-life piece set in a world where humans live alongside humanoid anthro animals.

An Older World
In a cold and sorrowful winter, Jakob the toymaker carves a magical horse.

Moon, June, Raccoon
Karen's sick of watching all her friends find true love. Out of sheer desperation, she decides to try casting a love spell—and winds up getting the attention of a neighborhood raccoon instead. But this furry matchmaker just won't mind his own business.

Sideshow and Cover of Darkness
Two flash fiction pieces exploring worlds where human society collides with that of anthropomorphic animals.

The Raccoon and the Sea-Maiden
A little folk tale about First Raccoon and his encounter with one of the creatures who have long since vanished from this world.

Holly's Jolly Christmas (Part 1)
Holly's Jolly Christmas (Part 2)
Holly the reindeer dreams of being part of Santa's team, but the same eight bucks are chosen every year, and no one will give her a chance. Then a child's letter starts her on a path that will take her places she never imagined.

Special Delivery
It's Christmas Eve, and Phillip Cottington—a.k.a. the Easter Bunny—is already planning for spring. But when a letter intended for Santa gets delivered to him instead, Phillip has to make sure it gets through in time.

Sixteen-year-old Jason has always longed for the power to transform, to take the shape of one of the great cats, to be something more—something better—than human. But when his best friend reveals an astonishing secret, Jason's jealousy threatens more than just their friendship.

Foam on the Sea
A vignette inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid."

Waking the Beast
An anthro wolf crosses paths with a dangerous cult. Written for the furry horror anthology Alone in the Dark.

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